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Cash flow is key. Your days in AR, or revenue cycle time, has a significant impact on your bottom line. Outsourcing to Indivirtus can submit your claims faster and with fewer errors, so you receive payment from payers in the shortest time. Our success comes from accurate, timely and professional billing followed by serious A/R follow up and collection activity by dedicated professionals who use technology to process and accomplish the task of collecting more and quickly.
Each claim is meticulously tracked and followed up by our trained and experienced AR staff until the payment is received. Dedicated AR managers follow up with payers and patients. Internal processes are clearly laid out to expedite collections and ensure follow up for each claim.
We take care of all the critical functions involved in AR management including filing of appeals, assessing insurance low pays, updating insurance contracts, managing misapplied balances, managing refunds, and processing patient statements and delinquency letters.

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